To clean the print head take a hot water towel with the printer unplugged and the cartridges out, clean it till the time you see there is no ink residue on the towel. Gracie used 8 of her lives but my Maker only gave me one. He said he needs to remotely access it, though. I have been put on hold more than three times during my 35 minute phone call. It is a terrible business structure to charge for customer support. This company is not yet accredited. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had in trying to resolve an issue with an electronic item.

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Today, I feel upset because the technician told me I have to pay for him to troubleshoot my printer as to why it’s not scanning. When you bought the printer did you get with a CD, here you have Loaded the software that came with, here select either the network or usb.

Prijter 2, First, Lexmark Legal Dept was very responsive and called me this AM after I left an important contact msg with a very polite and consecurity gentleman off hours late the night before legal responded to that young man’s diligent hand delivery to legal dept. I have a Lexmark It could be that your cartridge needs cleaning.


Failed to connect wirelessly necessitating use of cable connection. Disconnect the pringer from your computer.

This printer, the Lexmark Pro, has always been a problem: So you end up no option but to buy another brand new printer. I was then transferred to a software technical support representative. After all this, what would I like? Simply follow the instructions on your computer screen to complete the installation.

Lexmark x printer replacement cartridges

Lexmark Printers has great price, great leexmark, but The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. I never heard a word back from him. Click on this link: No driver for this printer available. Cut me in for a royalty if any reader does just that.

All of that means nothing really because the end of story a bit in the future. Everything came out great.

It wont print the whole page properly. Wait until your pc fully recognizes the USB connection. I should state that I have changed wireless routers during the period that this printer was down.

The ink cartridges run out quickly and the color is not right, even if you change to a new cartridge. Stick with any of the newest printers on the market. Answered on Jun 24, I only use it to print personal copies, if I were to make copies for my group I lexmmark go to a printing shop.


They will not support discontinued printer x Having said that, since the printer head was designed built in into the product, the whole printer is no longer usable. This would be my first choice when looking for a printer. One of the two most important decision points were the cartridge costs.

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Second best if there was no Lexmark well I guess it would be an Epson. Please assign your manual to a product: It had some blank areas on the page where pictures and paragraphs were left off not printed. Lexmark is a technology company that makes a wide variety of products and devices, including printers. I felt this was planned obsolescence, and wrote to the president of the company, laying out how disgusted I was over what I felt was, at its essence, dishonesty and poor, poor customer service.