By in-place we mean opening. Could not find ‘drkonqi’ executable. I would try pulling in tables first and see how that goes. This content is available under GFDL. KexiDB driver is planned first, read-only versions will be developed. This content is available under GFDL.

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Front Page [info] [diff] [login] [recent changes] [most popular]. On Windows the driver is bundled in the installation package. What are you trying to do? Kexi Packages for Linux and BSD If packages for your distribution are not listed here or are too old, please ask creators of your distribution if they could provide updates. Proposed solution is to turn our forces to improve migration tools using Kexi migration API and tools.

[ubuntu] MDB Import in Kexi – not working. [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

This content is available under GFDL. I think I have to kiss that one good bye for the time being and make my peace with VirtualBox.

Others punch in the data – in Access btw – and Kexl can’t see them moving from Windows to Ubuntu in a flash, to be realistic. It’s also possible to use Kexi 1. Sounds sensible in the big sceme of things.


Below we only provide links to description pages. Just tell Yast to update the package I always get all of Koffice which will include kexi. Queries, forms, reports, modules, data acces pages and macros can be exported and imported i. Kexi – “MS Access for Linux” My opinion is that, if these are mission critical databases you should just leave it to Windows and access.

I would try pulling in tables first and see how that goes. Kexi – “MS Mb for Linux” KexiDB driver is planned first, read-only versions will be developed. After you add the repo and it syncs with zenworks, go into Software Management in Yast and type in kexi in the search box.

MDB (MS Access file) Driver

I must admit – in my own, unknowing way, I was kind of hoping that. Could not find ‘drkonqi’ executable. If so, how feature-rich is this module?

What version of Access is the database in now? Current portage has support for Kexi as part of KOffice 1.


Alright, this is what I get from the terminal: Have you tried open office’s database? Rapid Mxb Application Development.

Example fragment of a query design listing inserted tables:. Note that the script uses the KDE’s anonymous Subversion server. This will create a tarball in a new directory called keximdb-tmp.

You can donate to Kexi Project: If this is sufficient, run:.

Kexi Project – “Microsoft Access for Linux” – Development

I have used it a little I design databases at work in MS Access and find it is very much like access. As for the import, what are you trying to import. ndb

Unfortunately Access and other programs from that wonderful company do not play nice with others and sadly you are probably stuck maintaining it via access itself.