If it doesn’t work, or the connections are not compatible, then chances aren’t good. You may like to try this link: This may take several minutes. I want to know where to find the setting that will enable me to set this up. Well things improved but only microscopically. Rick replied on Dec 24, If no channels are found, connect an external antenna.

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Not a good way of looking after customers. I didn’t bother with the mini aerial, as in my location, good reception haas this would have been doubtful at best.

Kaiser Bass USB TV Tuner Kba01009

TVStick The program will then scan for channels. I have saved the new channel list but on importing it the tuner still reverts to the old channel list. Rick replied on Feb 16, You would have to contact them direct for further information. TV quality is good, installation is easy and integration with other Windows components is problem free.

When it is time for the show, the computer will awaken, record the show and then sleep again. Page 15 TVStick The program will then scan for channels.


Limited Terms and Conditions Privacy Disclaimer. Odin Gatt asked on Dec 12, Ray White asked on Sep 29, AzNDuDe asked on May 27, This happens to me sometimes and it is a tuning problemsometimes you have to rotate the aerial to receive different channels, ie CH 2 will be ok but nothing else so by turning the aerial ever so slightly you may pick up other Chs but lose CH 2 if you follow meIn the country where signals are weak you may to do this.

Jane replied on May 12, After a restart, I started up Media Center and used the TV Signal option to detect all of the available digital channels.

I inserted the CD and a window was presented to me. Colours were quite good and there was very little picture break up. If your friend bought the TV stick he should have the licence key. Select the following options before clicking Go: I travel in the country a lothave always been able to get a good reception on my lap top windows 7.

Kaiser Baas TV Stick Questions & Answers –

Windows 7 — 64 Bit 1. Can Foxtel cable connection be used instead of rooftop aerial? I have got a signal booster in the line which gives me perfect pictures and a strong signal. You could try using compatibility mode for your tuner, it didn’t work for me using total media atick. I do not get a single channel even though I am close by to tv station.


The Reset TV function works, new channels are found six bars and all operate in the preview window.

You also need to connect it to an antenna. If no channels are found, connect an external antenna. Hi I have your product but when I try to use it the product key s always incorrect?

It took about 10 minutes to fully run, but it detected all 32 channels which included a few radio stations. Rick replied on Dec 10, By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. I found it easy to install and I watch tv every day using the stick.

Kaiser Baas replied on Jul 31, TVStick connection details 2. The disk should run automatically.