If you love film, get this scanner. This is exactly the same process as drum scanners such as Howtek, Tango etc. This cover is made of a magnetized rubber-like material that adheres gently but firmly to the steel. There were so many rules about how not to use the Imacons; they are fragile, temperamental, and, most importantly, expensive machines. I believe that having a PC and using the PC version of the software may have been part of the problem. Nearly everyone else is better served by inkjet printing on archival materials using the excellent, high fidelity tools available today.

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Yes up to six images depending on film format and holder used. Most were downward-looking sweeps.

That process and that time and that film needs – deserves – a fitting denouement. Dust spotting afterwards is about as much fun as going to the dentist. Brooks, Imacon scanners stand out from the rest because the company follows a more focused purpose in their design.

Flextight X5 Scanner

In this way the full color range of the original is extracted from the scan. Using these devices together with the 3F workflow produces a throughput that has to be seen to be believed. The first and most basic element that inacon unique to the Imacon Photo is the film holder and transport that provides a basis for the name Flextight.

What could Hasselblad, nee Imacon, possibly be thinking? This 6x7cm night shot of the Santa Barbara Court House made by James Chen on the latest Ektachrome VS Vivid Saturation film, captured a wide range of very subtle tones and coloration from a diversity of light sources.


About the Imacon Flextight Film Scanner – Image Science

All so we can end up with an image file that any number of modern digital cameras give you pretty much instantly. I had no room to experiment or try out some less-than-perfect exposures because the outsourcing process only worked out of precision and decisiveness. What Are the 3 Best Lenses for Boudoir The patented virtual drum solution produces optimal focusing across the entire original and the flexible holder guarantees easy mounting and safe and secure handling of your originals.

Black and white silver-based film images are also well within the Imacon scan capabilities, and even some which were dense due to some overexposure scanned without any highlight blocking. Freedom of choice The freedom not to have to choose between digital or film, for instance.

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The film frame to be scanned is placed between the steel base and rubber cover and is thereby held firmly in position. Please check your local sales tax laws. Here Are 3 Easy The X1itself is as quirky as it is unique but it lived up to its reputation for producing sharp, even scans and excellent darks and lights.

You can also perform batch scans with the X1. The Colorflex application is a stand-alone on the Macintosh and Windows platform, and final scans are saved as image files in any designated folder accessible to the host computer. Easier than the Nikon Coolscan The catch to this was that turnaround times were slow; I had to be very selective with what I scanned, and I was essentially at the mercy of whomever was operating the scanner. Leave this field blank. If you are taking the time to shoot medium or large format, then to get truly fine prints, the whole chain must be right.


No, you never expected to pay this much – not even close – for a Having a device that has the quality to reproduce all the subtle details embedded in your negatives and transparencies that gives you full control over the crucial interpretation of your work is what makes owning a Hasselblad scanner attractive.

It’s less immediately obvious than the sharpness issues the flatbed’s have, but possibly an even imafon problem and is quite visible in prints. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Avoid These 7 Common Beginner Photography Yes, the scanner ijacon works with MacOS Fortunately I had an open calendar and was able to work with the Imacon Flextight Photo imcon than enough to try and learn all of its capabilities, as well as test scan a very diverse selection of film types and images with a wide range of subjects.

A preview imaconn represents the full bit depth of the scanner’s capability comes up quickly and is adjustable in size of the preview window to the space you have available on your monitor screen. Whitetail in the Snow. The cost of drum scanning can also be very expensive.