It’s also the same model as the one my friend was using. I did overact somewhat. Most of them are but I’m trying to preserve the tapes mostly for my own use although some are for video preservation projects. But I think I’ve gotten all I am gonna get here. Thank you for the links and suggestions.

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Collaboration Geniatech and Arrow Arrow and Geniatech accelerate development of scalable IoT solutions through collaboration. An external roof antenna may be necessary.

However it was kinda easy for me to have forgotten I had linked that because it was not necessarily linked with my actual problem. This website uses cookies linjx enable certain functions and to improve your user experience.

So sometimes I can’t even remember what was posted only a few days ago let alone a year ago.

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If this is the first time you have launched the eyetv 4 windows, you will be asked to enter an activation key you received with your eyetv T2 lite windows edition. See the sub-links in that post, as it’s unclear from one hybris to the next whether he considers it a good option. Someone on another site suggested cleaning the heads so I have doubts that’s the problem.

I asked him at one point maybe 3 or 4 years ago if I could perhaps try his tuner instead but he informed me it lunux. System minimum requirements Operating system: I may have room for it in my bedroom but it’ll be a tight fit plus I may have to use an extension chord but then again this may conflict with the whole ‘using multiple VCR’ thing I mentioned.


What are the chances a video stabilizer may correct what I’m getting here??

Am I going in a good route here or is there something else any of you recommend?? My DVD Honestech capture. I don’t wanna just grab one and assume the pass through is good especially if the seller does not specify so. Just to go back to that thread I linked, I had only linked it in reference eyevt the ‘overlap’ that I was getting for a while.

Elgato EyeTV Hybrid Analog/digital TV HDTV Tuner for Mac

Geniatech is successful in important landmark proceedings before the Higher Regional Court of Cologne: You should complete each step of the eyetv 4 windows setup assistant. This actually looks a bit more detailed compared to my friends capture. To be honest I’m not very familiar with TBC but at the same time there’s a lot with this that I’m only now being introduced to.

Anyways let hygrid show you what I mean.

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Furthermore I have been scattering other places discussing this. The sound is fine, the video not so much. Keep in mind I had never heard of TBC until just two days ago so my limits of knowledge on the matter might be making me think into this too much.

At some point I even purchased the same tuner again on the possible chance perhaps my tuner was broken.


Don’t those capture devices have proc amp controls that allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and colors? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: The time now is The reason I was suggesting that it may not be a VCR problem was based off my observations of using other capture devices like Dazzle, Roxio, Honestech, etc.

Keep your activation keys in a safe place in case you need to reinstall the eyetv 4 windows software. This is as simple as finding the program in the EPG, clicking on Record and then accepting the recording schedule.

I’ve heard that video stabilizers and things like Grex perhaps can help by pass all that but I don’t wanna gamble on anything until I’m sure.

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Last edited by crissrudd; 24th Apr at eyyetv I just picked those to demonstrate some of the issues I was having.

This can be toggled on or off by right clicking in the window. Obviosuly a lot of time has gone into developing it. Total TV Player In order to update the driver, please visit this site.