Includes a free 6-month subscription to CloudBadging: Recommended ID Printer Ribbons. What is a driver? The printer skips some panels of my color ribbon. The Evolis Tattoo 2 is a multi-feature printer that prints texts, logos and barcodes in less than a minute, in color or monochrome, and can also encode magnetic stripes. Printer loaner plans help ensure you won’t be without a printer and your card printing can continue uninterrupted. My account Items of interest 0.

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White lines on the printed cards mean that the print head is unable to heat the ribbon in this zone: Contact us to get our lowest price. A printer test card will printed, stating the current firmware version of the printer, as shown below:. How do I clean the cleaning roller?

Looking for Evolis Tattoo 2 Printer Driver & Firmware Updates?

Is there a programming guide available? ID Card Printer Ribbons. Who should I contact? Technical Support Our team is able to assist you 7: Our printer loaner coverage plans provide you with a loaner printer in the event your printer needs to be sent to ID Wholesaler for repair. With the DCL driver, magnetic encoding requires no adjustment, except for the level of coercitivity. What are the colors available for monochrome printing?


This information is available on the list of common spare parts for these printers range. The driver version will be required by Evolis technical support whenever you need assistance.

What settings of the computer should I check before installing a driver? I have a white margin on all my printed cards, can I reduce it? What are the dimensions of cards compatible with the printer? How can commands be sent to the printer? The Evolis Tattoo 2 printer is also outfitted with a card detachable output hopper that collects your printed cards so you don’t have to.

Evolis Tattoo2 card printer.

This power supply is not compatible with the other Evolis card printers. You can check if the update has been successful by sending the Rfv command or by opening the Dialog Box with the printer. The coercivity has to be set in the evoolis before any magnetic encoding is carried out. Which operating systems are supported by Tattoo 2?

Technical notes as well as a quick start guide are also available on. Recommended ID Printer Ribbons.

FAQ Tattoo 2

If you are looking for a simple and high quality solution for your ID badges, you will quickly adopt the Tattoo 2 card printer. The difference between the standard black monochrome ribbon and the Black Wax one is in pirnter ink composition.


LED s of the control panel are on. What are the warranty conditions of Tattoo 2?

Evolis Tattoo 2 TTOFRU ID Card Printer | ID Wholesaler

Phone for fastest response. If your Tattoo 2 card printer is not properly recognizing your ribbon, either by not recognizing the type of ribbon or acknowledging that a ribbon has been replaced, you will need to calibrate the ribbon sensors on your printer. Looking for ribbons for your Tattoo 2 printer? Compatible with Tattoo printer. Using generic ribbons with an Evolis printer will expose you to printing problems, plus, the warranty will be null and void. Which software applications are compatible with Evolis printers?

It boasts great, low prices on its consumables, plus ribbon-saving technology in monochrome printing mode that allows you to double or even triple the capacity of your monochrome ribbons and reduce your cost per card.

Works on all Evolis printers. However, the original printer head, installed in the printer when manufactured benefits from the warranty period of the printer.