I have the same controller card and it works great for me. I would be interested in buying one, how much do they cost and where did you buy yours? I just need to know how you guys got into the BIOS to setup the array. Mar 13, Posts: I really don’t want to be stuck with another board as unstable as my KT7As were.

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Good DDR non raid mobo? I used the drivers that came with the card first.

Save us some research time here. There labeled as win2k, but work fine under XP. I contacted the Epox tech support, but they have not returned my call. Jul 9, Posts: Not sure on the 8kh though.

Thu Jul 12, Also make 8ka you have 8kba the bios change your first boot device to SCSI. Nov 18, Posts: Clan [EvL] Homepage http: If not, then I know that that isn’t the problem. From what you posted it’s pretty obvious that the card is detected by the OS so I don’t think there’s a problem with it.


It has only AC97 sound, which might be fine unless you play games. But it also has 6 PCI slots, which you will need because the mobo is barebones.

I have a seperate drive for Windows that I boot too. Then when I had XP installed it gave me 8kh classic yellow exclamation point.

Soyo Dragon+ or EPoX 8KHA+?

How about adding a HSF recommendation something quiet for me? Here your hard drives are detected and rsid mode their setup for i.

I jsut cant get into the BIOS of it when my computer boots. I went ahead and booted into Windows and the OS found the card.

CarlJ Seniorius Lurkius Registered: Epox believe their system is a bit easier to read because an alpha-numeric code is given to users, rather than a series of red and green LED’s. All times are GMT Hi Got also an ep-dro2p3 raidcard and running rad with 2 40g hdd in raid 0.

I tend to be super picky about little things on motherboards, not so much so you’ll decide to buy something else, but rather to drop suggestions to the motherboard engineers. Sep 8, Posts: Nearest I can find that meets your req’s is Epox’s 8k7a. Jul 5, Posts: Too bad the 8k7a doesn’t come without onboard sound, it’d be even cheaper.


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I’ve tried 3 different PCI slots as well. Joined Nov Location Netherlands Posts The card also comes with a GUI. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. I’ve tried it in slots 2, 5, and 6.