I’ve used Sonar for years now and produced 3 CDs with it, went to uni and took a break so am currently still on XL 2. One thing I would definately do though, if I were you, is change the graphics card for a Matrox G or better, assuming that mobo has an AGP slot and not the new-fangled pci express. Suzi Max Output Level: I’ve heard of people using other companies drivers with other cards based on the same chip. How many PCI slots has your motherboard? Its the type of sound you expect just as though its trying not to dropout or immediately before it would drop out. See the Edirol site

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I wish I could help you, but everyone on the forum knows that I’m one to the worst computer people around.

By the way I am running all this on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, and have tried with both 32 and 64 bit versions of Sonar How many PCI slots has your motherboard? Or will it just show up under my Windows mixer? Forums Posts Latest Posts.

Thanks for the help! Essentials Only Full Version. I’ll try the script tonight as I am ediroo the hang on shutdown problem as well. If that’s the case I will start looking for one for sale, seems like it won’t be easy though. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.


I downgraded to 32 bit Windows 7 using the same driver and it worked somewhat better. I’m only able to use the WDM driver.

Roland RPC-1 64 bit driver for Windows 7

But, edirpl seems to work okay? Hopefully, your pc cases Power supply is capable of running that lot – at least watt by my rough reckoning. If so, any suggestions on how to get it to work on my system?

While the PCI card. You can check the ROM version on the card itself. Hello SupernovaHave you tried this yourself? There are 2 Windows services that is causing the problem. Enter your search terms Submit search form. They will not work with the Edirol DA card.

User reviews: Edirol DA – Audiofanzine

I see editol RPC-1 under my device manager and it says it needs a driver but when I try to install the driver listed here I point it to the folder I unzipped with the contents and it says it can’t find a suitable driver. I can even play back audio through the SI once inside of Sonar. Have you tried the card in a different pci slot?


I can however offer encouragement that I have an Ediroland it’s working fine here. As far as the ram, bad ram will rock your world. The various connections in faade rvlent trs quickly their usefulness and practicality. Have you checked the ram? Despite Roland’s claim to the contrary, they are the same thing.

A raid array has no significant advantage for a DAW. View More Photo Galleries.

Are you micing or direct in? I am at a loss as to why it works for you guys and not me. I have an Edirol Edirpl that I’m probably going to have to upgrade, but I thought I’d check with you guys to see if you can help.

Till now i was work at win xp. I just recently upgraded to Windows XP Pro x I was pushed to upgrade Windows, since Premiere Pro C.