They are writing to the database we are trying to read from it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We understand that another institution is currently using IDM2 to integrate the same system, but they are doing things slightly different. Summary In summary, we covered: This will be covered in the next topic. Further the same Statement object can be reused for unrelated queries. Instead the JNDI service locates a data source.

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Now if the driver is created, and i need to change the user context, how do i do that?

InterServer will not start Options for starting InterServer. No linux distro Ive tried will work with it.

This move from type 3 to type 4 should not require any changes in the applications build using JDBC. Wed Nov 26, 1: So in our example above it will return the number of rows whose minimum salary was updated 18 rows updated. You can customize the header logo of the Login screen on the LoginFrame.

You are integrating at the application layer instead of the DB layer 4. Josh Jablonski Josh, It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to your posting.


Developer Tools

Could you pls list. Each branch has its own users and groups as well. Appointments have various fields like Appointment date and time, customer title, description, address information, phone number, location, photo, status, and notes.

How to use InterClient to connect to InterBase database. But when to gets it to read a table or view we get the following error log. The Field Service App has a local History table where is stores borlznd local changed state of the Appointments. The offline capabilities are provided by storing the data in IBLite. Each platform handles notifications differently.

If no connection to the server is available the data will be loaded from those files instead. SQLException for which both are derived from is raised instead. You interlcient change the image that is overlayed over the entire app by changing the BackgroundImageRect.

Now that the query has been executed the results will need to be analyzed one at a time using the loop.

Connection string to use. Advanced commands Sometimes it is more efficient to use a PreparedStatement object for sending SQL statements to the database. This type of driver needs the ODBC driver code intterclient in most cases needs the database client code on the client machines. Type 3 and 4 are the preferred drivers for performance and all java solution reasons.


The SQL String supplied in this case must be a query and not an execute statement. Now we can choose between committing our changes or borlanx back by using.

VerifyError Using InterClient 2. Thamks Mike Michael nospam.

JDBC driver and Borland interclient help us please – s

This error occurs when attempting to use InterClient version prior to 2. This means the dri Can anyone help me with this? In his spare time he enjoys hiking, traveling, and photography. Intercleint your problem been resolved? Right now the indirect.

Scalability and performance enhancement are assumed to be available on the enterprise system of your choice.