When you download the gt68xx backend for the first time , use SANE 1. For all of you that don’t recognize this, this is a table from http: I’ve downloaded the file but don’t understand ” Drop to a shell, cd to the directory you downloaded it to and issue the following commands Here, when configured the hotplug subsystem I needed to get sane-backends source from http: Most scanners should work with sane-backends 1. Have a look at the SANE download section for some links to binaries. Thanks for answering questions, testing, giving comments and sending patches to everyone else.

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First, we need sane backend, that is what works with your scanner on the apparatus level, include driver, firmware, etc and some utilities, which very help us in configuration and diagnostics. As of April,this is still useful!

SANE GT68xx Backend Homepage

However, before you download this driver, check to see if the present release is compatible with your scanner model and, afterwards, make sure the package supports your computer OS version and bit architecture. When building the backend, check that libusb was detected. Posted by Scott Goodgame at Without your support the backend wouldn’t be possible. Is detected, scanning 1020cu not work, try without calibration, use override “mustek-scanexpressusb”.


That’s because I kept getting No such file or directory message while running xsane. The status in the table refers to the latest backend version available on this page. If you can only scan half of the page, use the PS2Dfw2.

For most Mustek scanners the firmware can be downloaded from the status section. When you download the gt68xx backend for the first timeuse SANE 1. Hi Scott, I’m new to Ubuntu so just finding my feet.

Scanning in Linux (BearPaw 1200 CU Plus on Fedora 11)

Zur deutschen Kurzanleitung German introduction, the English page may be more current. Like Lee I am new to Ubuntu and I don’t know how to get past one problem.

There are two ways to get your scanner detected: They can be found in syslog e. An alternative and rather ugly way is to keep the distribution’s sane and xsane packages and to overwrite the sane installation by running configure in the gt68xx package with arguments like ebarpaw Thanks for the tutorial. See also the section about bugs that are present for all scanners.

If your firmware bearpsw listed there, try one of the following methods:. If you have additinal information that is not already mentioned on this page please contact the sane-devel mailing list. The scan slider should move back now. White background means that I don’t have reports. That being said, click the download button, get and apply the package, and enjoy all features that the device will benefit from.


And guess what I took the wrong file: If you still have problems after bearpwa all this, try to change de the. In that case, you may also need backend 1.

PvT’s blog: Install Mustek BearPaw CU Plus Scanner on Debian Lenny

The sudo part just means “do this as an administrator” it is kinda a safeguard so that you don’t so bad things to system related stuff on accident. Once you have installed the backend, have barpaw look at man sane-gt68xx for backend-specific information and man sane-usb for general USB information, e. It’s not a SANE backend but a stand-alone command line and graphical tool. If the line is not scanner issue, you may want to write a bug report to SANE developers.

This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. This page describes the gt68xx backend. For setting up usbfs and adjusting permissions, see man sane-usb for details.

Thanks to them, and all the other bearpad for all their work.