Eventually, I could use startx and get a desktop. If your PC won’t boot We support the following digital tablets: But instead we decided to have the hardware matched by vendor instead This tablet is also known as a Dolphin, Medion Aldi tablet , Nisis and other generic brands. Settings for both drivers can be inspected and dynamically reconfigured from the Tablet Manager.

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I thought that was me? I aiptel this message: Linux Power User Bundle. Option “XBottom” “Inumber” First of three sets of parameters to set the active zone.

I should add – I installed the Windows aiptei using Wine, though it doesn’t seem to have worked. Ubuntu does have the module in the kernel and the X11 driver, but they don’t work very well and need to be replaced with the ones from CVS especially the xorg driver.


Option “Device” “path” sets the path to the special file which represents serial line where the tablet is plugged. Button mapping will be lost at session restart, so you must add it to session startup configuration if you want to make it permanent.


This driver is currently Linux specific. Well, I got this far: OK, yet another set of instructions The time now is The beginning doesn’t make sense Option “Pressure” “soft” “hard” “linear” Pressure reports either linhx in linearly incremental values defaultor perturbed by one of two log-linear algorithms “soft” or “hard”.

Linux source code: drivers/input/tablet/aiptek.c (v) – Bootlin

Make sure the aiptek module is loaded and the tablet is plugged in! BE AWARE, the button mapping changes won’t survive a reboot, so you’ll have to script that and add the script to the startup applications. When the value of the feedback is zero, the ai;tek is disabled.

This setting is mandatory, as USB is the only protocol supported by this driver.

It can be useful to define multiple devices with different active zones. This tablet is also known as a Dolphin, Medion Aldi tabletNisis and other generic brands.

Partners Support Community Ubuntu. We support Linux 2. When there’s no keyboard and mouse it doesn’t halt this way.

All times are GMT Ok that’s got rid of those. If the chipset is supported there is a driver.

Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander)

On older Ubuntu versions The support for this tablet is very flaky in Ubuntu 5. This should work also for previous versions of Ubuntu as Additionally, we develop an X-based Tablet Managerthat allows the user to query and dynamically reconfigure the device driver’s settings, while the tablet is in active use. The Number Of The Beast. Having a problem logging in?


We support the following digital tablets: Wacom driver Some tablets U, U, U seems to use Wacom drivers, if you experience problems with button presses Your mouse pointer freezesbut you can move the cursor try the updated packets for Wacom.

This driver also supports reporting its status and dynamic reconfiguration; the user lunux for doing so is none other than, The Tablet Manager presents reports from the Kernel and X Window device drivers in an easy-to-read format for the end user. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. Additionally, it offers a text-mode interface, through the sysfs pseudo-file API procfs under Linux 2.