Here is every thing you need to know about the epic: It would have to be an extra large dumpster because the Epic is so unpredictable after leaving the hand. Disc Golf Courses in the United States: Properly adjusted or tuned, you will throw it farther than any other disc. I bet if this disc were made out of champion-type plastic it would be in more peoples’ bags.

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Twin Cities Years Playing: Disc Golf Review Archive. It shouldn’t really matter tomahawk or thumber other than for the direction of flight you want to achieve.

How to throw an Aerobie Epic overhead [Archive] – Disc Golf Course Review

A card with tuning instructions comes with each disc. Find all posts by Cgkdisc. The last question is when you tune it do you want it to be as overstable as possible, understable are in-between. No, i’m not carrying one in my bag at the moment, but there is a reason for that, and it’s not because the disc sucks, it’s because the courses i’ve been playing lately don’t have any “epic” holes that i would really have an advantage on Its more of a novelty I feel.

I went out today and throw it and tried throwing it on different spots on the rim but could only throw it about ‘ and when I threw it flip over like a regular tomahawk then it flip over again and flew like a regular backhand throw. I have a very good overhand and can get it to roll almost every time, but I just can’t find a practical use for it. You will almost certainly not like your first few throws with an Epic driver. Don’t spend more than a few throws every few days or so doing this or you will end up hurting yourself.


It’s not very reliable as far as accuracy, but is fun to play with and always gets a lot of ooooos and ahhhhs I’d imagine you need a pretty good overhand and a smooth snap to get it to work.

Aerobie Epic Golf Disc Ultra Long Range Driver Epicyclic Design Model A70

I will repeat my advise on the overhand throw of the Epic. Aerobje having a well developed overhand technique, I dont throw overhand unless it is the higher percentage shot by a LONG way. My thumber grip is with my 2 fingers on the top side of the disc, but that is also personal preference epjc due to the pistol grip style not working well for me on larger rimmed drivers. Disc Golf Courses in the United States: It is also mentioned in nearly every thread about throwing afrobie and all worst disc threads.

I prefer tomahawk for d, but that is just personal preference as I feel I can get more of a solid hit on the release. So I thought that if I can throw an epic farther it would give me a huge strategic advantage. You really don’t want one.


User Name Remember Me? Its not worth having to sit around nursing your arm.

Aerobie Epic • Marshall Street Disc Golf

Contact Us – Archive – Top. If you don’t get it to work, don’t bother with it, it’s really kind asrobie anti-climactic once you figure it out anyway.

Find all posts by JonRoc. I think the main reason people don’t throw them is because of their inconsistency, which is due to the crap plastic they’re made out of. It requires skill, concentration, and experience.

Send a private message to jenb. A pulse D max aerpbie is best thumbed disc I have ever seen used. I only use mine for getting out of trouble. The but bad thing about the disc is its very inconsistent epix would not trust it in a tournament. Keep throwing whatever you had thrown before. Seriously, if you will practice putting instead of learning the Jedi moves of the Epic, you will be a MUCH better player. It’s been said, but Serobie throw it overhand into a large dumpster.

Funny to watch hotsh8ts get schooled by a oldman throwing epics, it really is.