Tape slows the spin rate. Something was just amiss. I have had both drivers and I can tell you that the D is probably slightly longer in terms of distance, and has better sound. This review however, makes me want to take another look. Yeah, it seems not a day goes by that I dont get an issue about QC on these. You forget everything once you see the distance. I don’t usually make a big deal,out of price but that mario seems a little out of character for Adams.

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And what badass shaft is that?

Adams Speedline 9064LS

Look forward to hitting it all season long. AL 8 years ago. I’ve got 3, 2 5. This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good used condition.

Caressing and other odd things Nice looking for sure, spendy though! Sooo, what a difference retooling that made. New Clubs For The club looks great but the sparkly shaft is a little girly in my opinion.

On miss hits it does seem to be yards deeper than the other drivers on mishits. Actually, the is the only club I kind of regret selling this year I appreciate the fast reply.


Had my maiden voyage today with the XTD You and TC both need to make this happen. This has been a very impressive looking club from the beginning.

Adams Speedline LS – Drivers – GolfWRX

Im also looking to buy the Wilson FG V2 irons. The one ffs I do not like about this club is the neutral face. Add all of that to the sleek black finish and this driver pairs performance with style.

As soon as I think I am going to stick with mine, I read this thread or it pops back up. How are they compared to the RBZ and such?

Not a chance would I even consider buying those. And this is not something that I could say about any of the others I tried out. le

Adams Speedline LS Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

Your testing procedures are flawed do to the tape. The 3W is approaching driver length for me and on two separate rounds I hit it multiple times longer then any driver I had on the day. Thanks for the thoughts guys.


I am looking to also pick up the 3 wood – although I have heard issues with the weights falling out. I found this site while trying to do some research on clubs to buy.

I am a plus handicap golfer. Then again,the sales staff has to be educated on the product and probably get it in their hands. Very pricey for sure, I will wait for them to drop down to reality price wise. To me it doesnt seem like a cc club head it looks smaller and as mygolfspy quoted it was a very forgiveing club i would have to tottally disagree. The notion that a sky mark is something only a hack might do is funny too.

If you are on the fence just do yourself a favor and buy one now! Well, later I went on eBay and found the 5W for a better deal then the GG store price, which is reduced but still hefty.