I have an Acer Scanwit and two s. It depends not only on a processing algorithm, but also on the fact that the scanner gets a lot of excessive information by implementing a scanner process several times which allows it to work more effectively. It involves a separate sensor in the scanner at an angle to the film surface that uses infrared to identify dust, dirt, and surface scratches. Although black and white chromogenic C process films have been available for a number of years, they are now increasing in popularity. The slide is scanned in the ICE mode. Acer is not a familiar brand within the digital photography realm, but it is an internationally established maker of personal computers and computer peripherals, including an extensive line of scanners. Brooks, All Rights Reserved.

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scnawit For the Microsoft Windows operating systems Acer supplies the MiraFoto driver with a contemporary, well designed, and easy to use interface. In addition, flat-bed scanners don’t offer the image cleaning of Digital ICE–not yet anyway.

Although black and white chromogenic C process films have been available for a number of years, they are now increasing in popularity. The scans with Digital ICE turned on were as sharp and defined in a print as when 27400s was not used.

Acer ScanWit 2740S – film scanner (35 mm) Series

The unit came with original software, film holders all plastic but still intact and instruction manual but not with the original SCIS interface card. To begin my tests I selected from my archives a variety of E-6 process slides, some C process color negatives and also some chromogenic C process black and white film.


Dan DearyMar 11, And unlike some economy proprietary scanner software, these quite effective manual adjustment tools are also assisted by a large selection of film terms for color negatives of many brands and types, making negative scanning including chromogenic C black and white as easy to handle as slide scans. On the whole, the point of view that a film can distinguish more than 50 lines per mm and that it is necessary to have scanner with a resolution more than pixels per inch is a myth, at least, as far as the Tmax film is concerned.

The driver software is quite comprehensive, offering both fully automated image adjustment and a full complement of manual image quality adjustment tools. Clearly and logically symbolized buttons activate the primary controls, and a pop-out tool bar provides access to manual adjustment tool dialog windows with before and after comparison thumbnails for easy image correction. Latest Trending Photos Videos. A shot of a resolution chart on the T-MAX black-and-white negative film is scanned as a color slide.

Acer ScanWit 2720s Film Scanner

This mode allows retouching scratches and dust on a film. The sharpness hasn’t changed. In addition, software drivers for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms are provided, as well as Adobe Photoshop 5LE.

But the shot must be considerably reduced so that a set of silver crystals was taken as a line. This was easily remedied, and I got to work with no further difficulties. The two film holders are rugged, well designed units. As you can see, afer details are not distinguishable with the flux being weaker by 2 orders.

Acer Scanwit S Question | Photography Forums

I forget the rules for scsi chains so you might not need one if it is the only device. I did not have any difficulty adjusting the Acer MiraFoto driver to compensate for 22740s poor negative quality to achieve a scan with a full range of values and colors true to the Monarchs.


Ready for Your Close-Up?: Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: My intention was to use Digital ICE for most of my scans, turning it off occasionally for comparison purposes. Both the Windows PC and the Macintosh software provide essentially the same tools, even though the interface look of each is quite different.

Does anyone have a similar setup and does it sound workable? The photos show how good the scanner is at it. Technical Specifications Optical Resolution: If we look at the parts of the acfr which the scanner is unable to show at a strong enlargement, then it will be a set of pixels slightly different in frequency for light and dark stripes.

Here Are 3 Easy What Are the 3 Best Lenses for Boudoir If, for example, an image is formed not by dyes but by silver crystals, the scanner worsens the image.

Share This Page Tweet. But I haven’t seen so far good filters that would remove scratches and work with bit color.

This picture of a pair of Monarch butterflies in a fir tree was captured with a mm lens and flash illumination, and resulted in a rather underexposed color negative.