The slide is scanned in the ICE mode. Many black-and-white negatives have much higher density in shades, that is why if you want to see details in dark parts of the film, you will have to resort to chemical treatment, for example, in the Farmer’s reducer. This mode allows retouching scratches and dust on a film. It makes the contrast of separate details sharper. The scans with Digital ICE turned on were as sharp and defined in a print as when it was not used. It will produce scans that can result in very good prints up to 11×14, and is ideally suited as a match for a letter-size photo printer.

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The unit came with original software, film holders all plastic but still intact and instruction manual but not with the original SCIS interface card. It depends not only on a processing algorithm, but also on 2740x fact that the scanner gets a lot of excessive information by implementing a scanner process several times which allows it to work more effectively.

Acer Scanwit 2720S Question

Brooks, All Rights Reserved. The right part is scanned in the ICE mode.

Create new account Request new password. I use one of the s; the other two are for backup, as these have been out of production for some time and repair parts are not available from Benq nee Acer. A passive terminator is just a plastic cap; so not a big deal but again can be difficult to find.

Acer Scanwit S Question | Photography Forums

The scan quality is well above that of any flat-bed scanner with a film adapter, unless you’re prepared to pay several times the ScanWit’s cost. The slide is scanned in the ICE mode. This xcanwit of a pair of Monarch butterflies in a fir tree was captured with a mm lens and flash illumination, and resulted in a rather underexposed color negative.


Many black-and-white negatives have much higher density in shades, that is why if you want to see details in dark parts of the film, you will have to resort to chemical treatment, for example, in the Farmer’s reducer. For the Macintosh platform the Acer driver is MiraScan, a Photoshop plug-in, which has a parallel set of tools with MiraFoto, but with the advantage scansit a larger, scalable preview window that is interactive with the tool 27400s.

Acer ScanWit 2740s Film Scanner

Incredibly faint, fine detail was captured in this scan of an Ilford XP negative made with an mm lens. Your name or email address: To begin my tests I selected from my archives a variety of E-6 process slides, some C process color negatives and also some chromogenic C process black and white film.

This newest model Acer ScanWit S is a well designed and produced dpi slide and 35mm film scanner scer features the latest version of Digital ICE technology for dirt and scratch removal. For the Microsoft Windows operating systems Acer supplies the MiraFoto driver with a contemporary, well designed, and easy to use interface. But this scanner doesn’t provide any advantages for black-and-white negatives. Does anyone have a similar setup and does it sound workable?

I forget the rules for scsi chains so you might not need one if it is the only device.

A shot of a resolution chart on the T-MAX black-and-white negative film is aced as a color slide. The scanner is able to work with films whose optical density can be changed bybut to use this dynamic range you have to get a film which lacks for fog. I have already examined the Acer ScanWit film scanner. In general, both models work excellently with correctly exposed films.

This information is placed in a separate data channel where the software removes the imperfections from the output image data. However, I assumed a bit too much from having done this with dozens of scanners.


The shooting of the resolution chart through the microscope lens figure b. And, most of the dust, dirt, and scratches were removed effectively.

I used the ScanWit with my Windows machine most for testing, however, assuming that a greater number of interested Shutterbug readers will be using the Windows platform rather than the Macintosh. Since the fog weakens a flux by 2 – 4 times we can use only 2 orders. Conclusion The Acer ScanWit s scanner is ecanwit to its older brother -but it has wider possibilities in processing of old damaged films.

And unlike some economy proprietary scanner software, these quite effective manual adjustment tools are also assisted by a large selection of film terms for color negatives of many brands and types, making negative scanning including chromogenic C black and white as easy to handle as slide scans. In order to find it out we scanned the black-and-white shot of the resolution chart a part of which was covered by two pieces of a light-struck film, each weakening the luminous flux by 9.

Clearly and logically 2740ss buttons activate the primary controls, and a pop-out tool bar provides access to manual adjustment tool dialog windows with before and after comparison thumbnails for easy image correction.

Whitetail in the Snow. I have been using an old Epson Perfection flatbed with film attachment that I jerryrigged for 35 mm, film and even 4 X 5 film. As you can see, the time has changed not only the film, but also the object.