Some video cards and PCI cards overclock better than others, and at the MHz setting, both types of slot are overclocked. Most users do appreciate a comprehensive manual, as configuring a motherboard is something which most people normally don’t do that often. So how did the E Flip-chip do? When testing motherboards for overclocking capabilities I am always more interested in stability than final benchmarks. In all other benchmarks, it scores second best. Using the Gigabyte adapter, the test system booted up without incident. In fact, in our tests, the E chip overclocked higher than the chip.

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Sure enough, the Gigabyte adapter worked fine, and the system booted right into Win98SE. Not that it has turned out to be much of a speed boost when implemented, but I still wanted to find out what would happen anit benchmarks with AGP 4x mode enabled and disabled. An Architectural History, Part I.

Don’t vr6x4 with the Registry if you are not comfortable with ‘Regedit’. AC97 sound has also been integrated. Most competitors come with three, while only the Tyan board comes with four.

Start it by typing regedit anit the run command box, and then navigate to this key: At the MHz setting, the system had an overall rating of MHz, which is where the benchmarks begin to level off with GeForce cards. I’m sorry that the ABit and Soyo motherboards arrived aabit late to take part in the initial round up.


I shall now shamelessly plug our previous round-up of 7 Coppermine motherboards. They have to be closed before plugging in an AGP card. Deadly Shadows game review USB 2. S02S April 15, Intel clearly does not like motherboard makers producing VIA chipset-based motherboards for their processors that have lots of overclocking features.

Take the Poll Technica. Both motherboards make use of VIA’s X North Bridge, which is currently the fastest solution from the taiwanese v6x4 maker. The scores shown below are an average of 2 test runs each.

So the question was, would we be able to get bt6x4 E Flip-Chip up to MHz on the front side bus, giving us a speed rating of MHz? Now, let’s have a look at the basic stats.

Introduction This article is meant as update to the original Slot-1 motherboard reviewposted in the beginning of April this year. Friends of multimedia hardware will be happy with the two additional USB ports. Yet they can only be used after the purchase of a connector cable, which has not been included by ABit.

I was using the 5. If you should have trouble with one of those boards, please take a look at the companies’ BIOS pages. The only way to boost speed significantly further would be to overclock the GeForce card itself.


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Intel has been saying for months that they are converting their entire processor line over to the Flip-Chip format as soon as possible, but there are very few motherboards that will take this new chip ft6x4 without an adapter. Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion review. Far Cry game review. In the value data box, enter the number 1, and hit the OK button. Considering the Flip-Chips have been semi-available for 7 months, we are starting to wonder if something strange is going on here.

AC ’97 compliant sound.

ABIT VT6X4 Motherboard (non-ECC) Memory VP, VR, VT Series

I wonder what Abit knows about the VIA chipset that we don’t? The 3D Mark results are shown below average of 2 runs each. I decided to try a different setup that would let me run the video card in 4x mode without glitches. Fortunately, no space was wasted on an audio-modem riser slot.