My hardware is basically this, http: Unfortunately, we can’t start working on it yet, because your description didn’t include enough information. I’m not an expert but hopefully someone knowledgeable may be able to help. I have also contacted TechSupport, but I sort of hope that there may be some people with personal experience here. You can see the hardware error messages with dmesg command. Tech support suggested testing it outside of the array – zero filling the drive results in a failure at different times, anything from 1.

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Yeah kernel you’ve given us worked fine for me. Log files are shared on Pastebin for those that wish to peruse them with some initial comments at the start of the file: So it’s for the right model just with another id.

SATA 6Gb/s – Marvell 88SE new firmware, BIOS, and Drivers – EVGA Forums

I use it with bcache setups to check throughput. Sign up using Facebook. I have a similar card, a Highpoint Rocket Raidwith no linu for natty. This problem happened only during burn, intense read access as intense as a DVD can be, that is had no problems.

Join Date Nov Posts Inquiring with StarTech, it was suggested that I should try the card in another computer – the only suitable machine for this is my Windows PC Windows 7, 64bit – where I had to install the dedicated Marvell Driver.


OK, first updates – first time I set the queue depth a zero fill failed after MB Tech support suggested testing it outside of the array – zero filling the drive results in a failure at different times, anything from 1.

How can this be investigated further?

Originally Posted by DetlevCM. Applied patch and ubuntu can see the hdd. No hard drive was detected, and I quit the installation, and the kubuntu live cd booted.

Zero filling the partition instead of the drive seems a bit more stable but still fails – after 6. This command takes effect immediately however it’s not persistent on rebooting so you’ll eventually have to change the boot parameters. Chipset Hi Might I suggest using the fio program, should be able to give more information.

888se9123 is in 88xe9123 with the reported speed when looking at an array rebuild on the internal Intel SATA ports in the server. I also replaced the SATA cable for the card and things seem to work. I hope this workaround works for you.

It is my understanding that the card should just work – as the controller is supported by Linux and should hence just work, unfortunately it does not.


This makes me wonder whether all the problems were due to a faulty cable and worse error correction under Linux No, the disk is not recognized in the live session.

This looks like a driver problem to me. What about the time of release into natty daily build? There it is, some ideas, suggestions. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

SATA 6Gb/s – Marvell 88SE9123 new firmware, BIOS, and Drivers

None that i’ve found working. If already so, try using the other port. The installer did not crash, so is the requested information relevant? Chipset Dear all, maybe someone here has a better idea what is happening than me Very stable without NCQ. Originally Posted by malcolmlewis. Updates following the suggestions from chanik: Attachment is the screen dump.

In Live session or installation HD not recognized.